Perthhotel Debt Credit with debt enforcement & loss note

Credit with debt enforcement & loss note

When you apply for a loan in Switzerland, not only from the credit institutions consult the ZEK and your data history in connection with a loan, but also Astro Finance and the debt enforcement offices, who archive your past with regard to debt enforcement and loss certificates .


Ongoing debt enforcements?

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Basically, there can be no debt enforcement against you if you want to get a loan. However, there are organisms that are accommodating when the operation is justified.

This means that debt collection is a major, but not necessarily insurmountable, obstacle. For open but authorized debt enforcement we have scope to negotiate with our banking partners for you to have your request approved.


No ongoing debt enforcement but in the past? Attention!

For more than 2 years, banks have been paying particular attention to past debt enforcement and loss certificates.

For this purpose, the banks have 2 options to get access to your data in connection with debt enforcement and loss certificates.

Most debt enforcement offices let the debt enforcement and loss certificates that have been settled exist without the knowledge of the persons concerned. This makes it very easy for a bank to access this information.


Astro Finance

In addition, some banks consult another file called Astro Finance that summarizes your entire past history of debt collection and loss certificates, current or paid. So even if the extract from the debt enforcement office and its archives contains no information about you, but the Astro Finance file contains entries, you run the risk that your loan will be rejected.

The Astro Finance Group, one of the main suppliers for the management of credit risks and ratings in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, has sold its branch offices in Switzerland and Austria to CRIF.

This service helps banks decide whether to grant a loan or not. In contrast to the ZEK, Astro Finance allows consumers and companies to access their own personal data in order to make it easier to request new financing or to control existing financing.


Your data history is not indelible!

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Our team is trained to help and advise you.

That is why the compilation of our customer dossiers always takes place through the inspection of these databases.

If you are registered there, we will help you to take the necessary steps to ensure that your debt enforcement and loss certificates that have been settled and still exist are deleted, namely in the Astro Finance file or at the debt enforcement office.

This is one of the reasons why we have one of the largest percentages of dossiers accepted.


Loss note = categorical rejection

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In contrast, you have to expect a categorical rejection for a loss note, here you have absolutely no scope.